5Jason Alexander Brickman5'10180 lbs
7Matthew Andrew Christopher Wright6'4"190 lbs
8Wei Hong Choo6'5"190 lbs
9Izran Edika Bin Kamaruddin6'2"210 lbs
10Ivan Yeo6'5"180 lbs
11Yi Hou Wong6'5"170 lbs
13Yoong Jing Kwaan6'7"190 lbs
17Ming Joe Foong6'4"200 lbs
20Shee Fai Loh6'4"200 lbs
24Chee Keong Tung5'5"140 lbs
28Chee Khuen Ma5'11"155 lbs
40Calvin Jerome Godfrey6'8"220 lbs
42Reginald Denard Johnson6'10"290 lbs
55Tian Yuan Kuek6'7"190 lbs
66Wee Seng Wong5'11"145 lbs




The Westports Malaysia Dragons or KL Dragons were formed by the joint effort of Malaysia’s very own Mr. Ruben Emir Gnanalingam, Dato’ Wira Dani Daim and Dato’ Sri Robin Tan Yeong Ching, young successful entrepreneurs who all have passion for sports.

The team owners agreed on the name “KL Dragons” as the Dragon represents a fierce yet benevolent character which also symbolizes strength, power and authority.

The vision of the KL Dragons is to create a regional platform of high performance sports and setting this Kuala Lumpur based squad as a self-sustaining professional basketball team. In order to achieve such a feat, the Dragons will be investing into facilities, infrastructure and player development to build and create an entertainment entity around basketball.

Dato’ Wira Dani Daim, President of the KL Dragons envisions a future for youths picking up basketball as a profession. He shares, “We will be creating another avenue for kids to participate in a healthy lifestyle and sports by giving them a target and show should they strive to rise to the top, they can eventually play the game they love as professional players,”

The KL Dragons’ home ground is known as the “Dragons’ Den” and currently holds a capacity of 2,500 seats and is located at the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

The Dragons’ title sponsor, Westports Malaysia, returns as the team’s title sponsor for the third year in a row. The team has qualified for the ABL playoffs in every season of the ABL and was the finalist in the league’s fifth season.

2015-2016 Regular Season Schedule

2015-10-31 14:30:07October 31, 2015WMD2015logo Westports Malaysia Dragons107 - 82pilipinas-kings-new Pilipinas MX3 Kings 14:30:072:30 pm
2015-11-07 17:00:11November 7, 2015SAIGON-HEAT---LOGO-2014 Saigon Heat92 - 100WMD2015logo Westports Malaysia Dragons 17:00:115:00 pm
2015-11-13 20:00:50November 13, 2015Singapore-Slingers-Logo Singapore Slingers88 - 85WMD2015logo Westports Malaysia Dragons 20:00:508:00 pm
2015-11-15 14:30:07November 15, 2015WMD2015logo Westports Malaysia Dragons84 - 79Singapore-Slingers-Logo Singapore Slingers 14:30:072:30 pm
2015-11-22 14:30:38November 22, 2015WMD2015logo Westports Malaysia Dragons68 - 64MonoVampire Mono Vampire Basketball Club 14:30:382:30 pm
2015-11-28 17:00:11November 28, 2015SAIGON-HEAT---LOGO-2014 Saigon Heat91 - 82WMD2015logo Westports Malaysia Dragons 17:00:115:00 pm
2015-12-06 14:30:38December 6, 2015WMD2015logo Westports Malaysia Dragons110 - 72MonoVampire Mono Vampire Basketball Club 14:30:382:30 pm
2015-12-13 14:30:49December 13, 2015WMD2015logo Westports Malaysia Dragons77 - 71HiTech-Bangkok-City Hi-Tech Bangkok City 14:30:492:30 pm
2015-12-19 14:30:07December 19, 2015WMD2015logo Westports Malaysia Dragons71 - 78Singapore-Slingers-Logo Singapore Slingers 14:30:072:30 pm
2016-01-09 14:30:43January 9, 2016WMD2015logo Westports Malaysia Dragons109 - 60SAIGON-HEAT---LOGO-2014 Saigon Heat 14:30:432:30 pm
2016-01-13 18:00:08January 13, 2016pilipinas-kings-new Pilipinas MX3 Kings74 - 99WMD2015logo Westports Malaysia Dragons 18:00:086:00 pm
2016-01-16 15:00:48January 16, 2016MonoVampire Mono Vampire Basketball Club81 - 94WMD2015logo Westports Malaysia Dragons 15:00:483:00 pm
2016-01-20 20:30:50January 20, 2016WMD2015logo Westports Malaysia Dragons79 - 83HiTech-Bangkok-City Hi-Tech Bangkok City 20:30:508:30 pm
2016-01-23 20:30:33January 23, 2016WMD2015logo Westports Malaysia Dragons86 - 76SAIGON-HEAT---LOGO-2014 Saigon Heat 20:30:338:30 pm
2016-01-27 18:00:08January 27, 2016pilipinas-kings-new Pilipinas MX3 Kings91 - 105WMD2015logo Westports Malaysia Dragons 18:00:086:00 pm
2016-01-30 20:00:48January 30, 2016MonoVampire Mono Vampire Basketball Club98 - 115WMD2015logo Westports Malaysia Dragons 20:00:488:00 pm
2016-02-10 19:00:02February 10, 2016HiTech-Bangkok-City Hi-Tech Bangkok City89 - 108WMD2015logo Westports Malaysia Dragons 19:00:027:00 pm
2016-02-14 16:00:59February 14, 2016Singapore-Slingers-Logo Singapore Slingers80 - 89WMD2015logo Westports Malaysia Dragons 16:00:594:00 pm
2016-02-17 19:00:02February 17, 2016HiTech-Bangkok-City Hi-Tech Bangkok City77 - 107WMD2015logo Westports Malaysia Dragons 19:00:027:00 pm
2016-02-21 14:30:54February 21, 2016WMD2015logo Westports Malaysia Dragons103 - 86pilipinas-kings-new Pilipinas MX3 Kings 14:30:542:30 pm