Saigon Heat


Founded in 2011, Saigon Heat is the first professional basketball team in Vietnam. The team’s emblem of a red fire represents its hometown pride and symbolizes its founders’ burning desire to develop and elevate basketball as one of the most popular sports in Vietnam.

After three years of unwavering effort, Saigon Heat made it to the ABL Playoffs in 2014 and proved itself to be a force to be reckoned with. This year, with very strong new talents added to the team, Saigon Heat is ready to take its game to the next level.

2015-2016 Regular Season Schedule

2015-10-31 17:00:27October 31, 2015254x147 logo SAIGON HEAT Saigon Heat74 - 86254x147-slingers-logo Singapore Slingers 17:00:2717:00
2015-11-07 17:00:11November 7, 2015254x147 logo SAIGON HEAT Saigon Heat92 - 100254x147-west-dragons-logo Westports Malaysia Dragons 17:00:1117:00
2015-11-14 17:00:13November 14, 2015254x147 logo SAIGON HEAT Saigon Heat78 - 73254x147-mono-vampires-logo Mono Vampire Basketball Club 17:00:1317:00
2015-11-19 19:00:02November 19, 2015254x147 logo HI TECH Hi-Tech Bangkok City88 - 71254x147 logo SAIGON HEAT Saigon Heat 19:00:0219:00
2015-11-28 17:00:11November 28, 2015254x147 logo SAIGON HEAT Saigon Heat91 - 82254x147-west-dragons-logo Westports Malaysia Dragons 17:00:1117:00
2015-12-05 17:00:13December 5, 2015254x147 logo SAIGON HEAT Saigon Heat70 - 74254x147 logo HI TECH Hi-Tech Bangkok City 17:00:1317:00
2015-12-12 17:00:27December 12, 2015254x147 logo SAIGON HEAT Saigon Heat60 - 62254x147-slingers-logo Singapore Slingers 17:00:2717:00
2015-12-18 19:30:13December 18, 2015254x147 logo SAIGON HEAT Saigon Heat90 - 79254x147-mono-vampires-logo Mono Vampire Basketball Club 19:30:1319:30
2015-12-20 15:00:06December 20, 2015254x147-mono-vampires-logo Mono Vampire Basketball Club70 - 74254x147 logo SAIGON HEAT Saigon Heat 15:00:0615:00
2016-01-06 17:00:08January 6, 2016254x147-mx3-logo Pilipinas MX3 Kings88 - 103254x147 logo SAIGON HEAT Saigon Heat 17:00:0817:00
2016-01-09 14:30:43January 9, 2016254x147-west-dragons-logo Westports Malaysia Dragons109 - 60254x147 logo SAIGON HEAT Saigon Heat 14:30:4314:30
2016-01-13 19:00:02January 13, 2016254x147 logo HI TECH Hi-Tech Bangkok City88 - 82254x147 logo SAIGON HEAT Saigon Heat 19:00:0219:00
2016-01-17 17:00:36January 17, 2016254x147 logo SAIGON HEAT Saigon Heat68 - 88254x147-mx3-logo Pilipinas MX3 Kings 17:00:3617:00
2016-01-23 20:30:33January 23, 2016254x147-west-dragons-logo Westports Malaysia Dragons86 - 76254x147 logo SAIGON HEAT Saigon Heat 20:30:3320:30
2016-01-29 19:30:13January 29, 2016254x147 logo SAIGON HEAT Saigon Heat94 - 90254x147 logo HI TECH Hi-Tech Bangkok City 19:30:1319:30
2016-01-31 16:00:17January 31, 2016254x147-slingers-logo Singapore Slingers84 - 69254x147 logo SAIGON HEAT Saigon Heat 16:00:1716:00
2016-02-07 16:00:08February 7, 2016254x147-mx3-logo Pilipinas MX3 Kings80 - 84254x147 logo SAIGON HEAT Saigon Heat 16:00:0816:00
2016-02-13 20:00:06February 13, 2016254x147-mono-vampires-logo Mono Vampire Basketball Club99 - 100254x147 logo SAIGON HEAT Saigon Heat 20:00:0620:00
2016-02-17 19:30:36February 17, 2016254x147 logo SAIGON HEAT Saigon Heat84 - 79254x147-mx3-logo Pilipinas MX3 Kings 19:30:3619:30
2016-02-21 16:00:10February 21, 2016254x147-slingers-logo Singapore Slingers100 - 73254x147 logo SAIGON HEAT Saigon Heat 16:00:1016:00

ASEAN Basketball League

Saigon Heat Roster

usasaigon-240Lenny Mc Arthur Daniel6'8"220 lbs
viesaigon-240Tuan Tu Stefan Nguyen6'3"180 lbs
viesaigon-240Huy Dai Dam5'11"170 lbs
vieNgoc Thanh Nguyen--
viesaigon-240Quang Trung To5'11"176 lbs
viesaigon-240Thanh Nhan Nguyen6'3"203 lbs
thasaigon-240Moses Morgan6'6"222 lbs
viesaigon-240Han Minh Trieu5'10"161 lbs
viesaigon-240Tien Thinh Tran6'3"176 lbs
viesaigon-240Tuan Trung Ngo5'10"174 lbs
viesaigon-240Minh Luyen Phan6'0"192 lbs
usaPaul Williams6'10"240 lbs
vieDavid Arnold--