Pilipinas MX3 Kings


The Pilipinas MX3 Kings, formerly known as the Pilipinas Aguilas, is a new team entering the ASEAN Basketball League. Recently acquired by businessman Dick Balajadia of SportsLegends Managers Inc., the team is composed of young and experienced basketball players eager to showcase their talents at the ASEAN-level.

Guided by former PBA superstar and former UAAP commissioner Chito Loyzaga, the team is looking forward to playing with the best basketball teams in the ASEAN region.

2015-2016 Regular Season Schedule

2015-10-29 19:00:08October 29, 2015254x147-mx3-logo Pilipinas MX3 Kings79 - 78254x147-mono-vampires-logo Mono Vampire Basketball Club
2015-10-31 14:30:07October 31, 2015128x74-1 Westports Malaysia Dragons107 - 82254x147-mx3-logo Pilipinas MX3 Kings
2015-11-15 17:00:08November 15, 2015254x147-mx3-logo Pilipinas MX3 Kings64 - 87254x147 logo HI TECH Hi-Tech Bangkok City
2015-11-21 17:00:08November 21, 2015254x147-mx3-logo Pilipinas MX3 Kings62 - 70254x147-slingers-logo Singapore Slingers
2015-11-27 17:00:08November 27, 2015254x147-mx3-logo Pilipinas MX3 Kings81 - 85254x147-mono-vampires-logo Mono Vampire Basketball Club
2015-12-05 17:00:08December 5, 2015254x147-mx3-logo Pilipinas MX3 Kings67 - 86254x147-slingers-logo Singapore Slingers
2015-12-12 15:00:46December 12, 2015254x147-mono-vampires-logo Mono Vampire Basketball Club76 - 74254x147-mx3-logo Pilipinas MX3 Kings
2015-12-16 17:00:08December 16, 2015254x147-mx3-logo Pilipinas MX3 Kings67 - 71254x147 logo HI TECH Hi-Tech Bangkok City
2015-12-20 19:00:02December 20, 2015254x147 logo HI TECH Hi-Tech Bangkok City100 - 66254x147-mx3-logo Pilipinas MX3 Kings
2016-01-06 17:00:08January 6, 2016254x147-mx3-logo Pilipinas MX3 Kings88 - 103254x147 logo SAIGON HEAT Saigon Heat
2016-01-10 16:00:50January 10, 2016254x147-slingers-logo Singapore Slingers63 - 57254x147-mx3-logo Pilipinas MX3 Kings
2016-01-13 18:00:08January 13, 2016254x147-mx3-logo Pilipinas MX3 Kings74 - 99128x74-1 Westports Malaysia Dragons
2016-01-17 17:00:36January 17, 2016254x147 logo SAIGON HEAT Saigon Heat68 - 88254x147-mx3-logo Pilipinas MX3 Kings
2016-01-24 16:00:37January 24, 2016254x147-slingers-logo Singapore Slingers80 - 58254x147-mx3-logo Pilipinas MX3 Kings
2016-01-27 18:00:08January 27, 2016254x147-mx3-logo Pilipinas MX3 Kings91 - 105128x74-1 Westports Malaysia Dragons
2016-02-03 14:00:46February 3, 2016254x147-mono-vampires-logo Mono Vampire Basketball Club101 - 82254x147-mx3-logo Pilipinas MX3 Kings
2016-02-07 16:00:08February 7, 2016254x147-mx3-logo Pilipinas MX3 Kings80 - 84254x147 logo SAIGON HEAT Saigon Heat
2016-02-13 19:00:02February 13, 2016254x147 logo HI TECH Hi-Tech Bangkok City95 - 89254x147-mx3-logo Pilipinas MX3 Kings
2016-02-17 19:30:36February 17, 2016254x147 logo SAIGON HEAT Saigon Heat84 - 79254x147-mx3-logo Pilipinas MX3 Kings
2016-02-21 14:30:54February 21, 2016128x74-1 Westports Malaysia Dragons103 - 86254x147-mx3-logo Pilipinas MX3 Kings

ASEAN Basketball League

Pacquiao Powervit Pilipinas Aguilas Roster

phipacquiao-240Alli Austria--
usasaigon-240William Creekmore6'9"260 lbs
phipacquiao-240Mike Gamboa--
phipacquiao-240Juan Nicholas Elorde5'9"165 lbs.
phipilpinas-kingsJason Deutchman6'4"209 lbs
phipacquiao-240Willie Miller, Jr.5'11"200 lbs.
phiSamuel Joseph Marata6'2"170 lbs
phiEric Salamat5'11"185 lbs
usapacquiao-240Arizona Reid--
phiHezy Val Acuna6'3"170 lbs
usaMichael Fey7'0"220 lbs