Todd Purves Expects His Bench To Step Up

Indonesia Warriors  suffered a heart-breaking 86-83 loss to the San Miguel Beermen in Game 1 of the 2012 AirAsia ASEAN Basketball League Finals. But Warriors’ head coach Todd Purves is ready to rally his team to bounce back in game 2 and send the series to a decisive game 3.

Coach Purves takes some time off to speak to us about what happened in Game 1 and what he is expecting in Game 2 which will be played at Warriors’ home court, Britama Arena, on Saturday June 23rd.

-Have you already had time to work out what happened in Game 1 and to figure out what you could or should do differently?

Well certainly. I think fatigue became a factor down the stretch for us. I will take that into consideration moving forward. Obviously when you are a coach, you analyze everything to death. Although there will be some minor changes and adjustments I’m going to make, we are not going to reinvent anything. I have to remind myself as a coach also not to overcoach but just to do what we do well.

-Your team missed 10 free throws in that game, what do you attribute that to? Mental or just lack of focus?

I would say mental although fatigue can play a part. I had good shooters missing free throws and that happens. There is no technique that I can talk about or anything. It’s just a matter of putting the work in.

-What do you want to accomplish in practice before Game 2? 

I think just our minor adjustments and we want to tighten up the things we do offensively. We want to emphasize transition defense and just keep giving the guys confidence. I want to make sure everybody is on the same page and that is the case right now. We are looking forward to Satuday.

-Do you expect more contributions from your bench? 

 Yes I do. Part of that is on me. I need to get some guys more minutes earlier in the game. When it comes to my rotation, I’m going to rely on the bench a little more. They will need to step up.