Rob Wainwright Honored To Play Against NBA Greats

AirAsia Philippine Patriots’ Rob Wainwright is one of the players invited by the Westports Malaysia Dragons to play on Monday’ exhibition game against the Professional Basetball Alumni Association (PBAA). Wainwright is honored with this opportunity especially since one of his favorite players growing up will be sharing the court with him at Stadium Malawati in Shah Alam next Monday the 16th of July.

We talked with Wainwright to discuss about this upcoming exhibition game and his future.

You will be playing against some of the NBA greats in Kuala Lumpur. What does this game mean  to you?

For me its a good way to end my playing career. Playing against some of the world’s best and NBA’s greatest players is an honor. Especially since a guy I idolised and tried to be like in my younger years will be playing.  Scottie Pippen was my first basketball idol. I like his all around type of game and to meet him, it will be memorable.

Any other player that you are looking forward to play against?

I would like to meet Mitch Richmond and Jason Williams also. Being from the Bay Area, I watched them play live a few times. Just to meet all the legends is going to be exciting.

Is this going to be your first time sharing the court with NBA Players?

In high school I played against Jason Kidd in a Bay Area all-star game but he was not in he NBA then so maybe that doesn’t count.haha. So I guess this will be my first time playing against NBA Players.

You are a good friend of Mario Wuysang from the Indonesia Warriors. How excited are you to be on the same team with him for this exhibition game?

As a player, you love paying with other good players He is a proven veteran point guard and a cool guy so I’m sure we wil have fun playing together.

You said that this game is a good way to end your playing career. What is your plan going forward?

I would love to play another year because of the way our season ended but realistcally speaking, I think it’s time to hang it up. I want to coach. I think I would be a good coach because  I have a lot of experience and I’m a people person. I’m hoping to get an opportunity either in the ABL or PBA to show and improve my coaching talents.