Desmond Oh Already Preparing For ABL Season 4

The Singapore Slingers were so close of making the playoffs in the AirAsia ASEAN Basketball League season 3. Slingers’ guard Desmond Oh is determine to help his team back into the ABL playoffs next season. The 26 year old guard, who is known for his lock-down defense and his ability to hit the 3 ball, is already back in the gym to prepare himself for ABL season 4. Desmond’s best game last season came on January 18th when he scored 16 points against the Chang Thailand Slammers.

Next season, expectations will be a lot higher for the player who has the nickname “D-Glove” on the court. We sat down with Desmond to catch-up on what he’s been up to this off-season.

How happy are you with your performance in Season 3?

I’m quite happy with my performance this season but I know I can still be a better player next season.

Is there any part of your game, do you think, you need to improve on for next season?

I need to improve on the offensive end. I want to be a more consistent scorer next season.

How often do you work out during the off-season?

I work out 3 times a week with Slingers’ head coach Neo Beng Siang and Slingers’ general manager Michael Johnson. I also train with my local club like 2-3 times a week.

When will the Slingers go back to practice? What is the next tournament you guys are going to play in?

I’m still not sure when we will go back to practice again but I’m sure we will be back to practice soon because we will be preparing to play for the Cable Beach Invitational Basketball Tournament in Broome, Australia, which will be held in September.

What will be the key for the Slingers to be back in the ABL playoffs next season?

The key will be playing consistent defense all season long and also stay together no matter what.