Catching Up with the Singapore Slingers

With only a little over two months left until the start of the AirAsia ASEAN Basketball League’s third seasion, the AirAsia ABL team decided to catch up with Desmond Oh, Steven Khoo and Lim Sheng Yu from the Singapore Slingers to get their thoughts on the upcoming season and what the fans have to look forward to once the Slingers hit the courts for the AirAsia ASEAN Basketball League next year.


What would you consider to be your signature move on court? Why?

Desmond : My defense and cross over.

Steven : Spin move with my right hand hoop shot. That’s my favourite move because its hard to guard against.

Sheng : It will be my mid-range spot up jump shots. Because I release my shot quickly and accurately even when I’m allowed very limited space.



Who would you consider a basketball icon for your country? Why?

Desmond : Nobody at the moment, but I believe with all the grassroots development and current positive mindset from the athletes, we will be able to have a basketball icon who will represent our country soon.

Sheng : I believe all athletes have their own strengths and weaknesses but one day we will have a strong athlete representing the country to be a basketball icon for the region.

Who is your favourite basketball player of all time? Why?

Desmond : Kobe Bryant because I admire his skill and his confidence on court.

Steven : Michael Jordan. Great work ethic, professional role model. He plays well on both defence and offence.

Sheng : Michael Jordan. Not only is he considered the best basketball player ever, he is also a role model to me off the court. He is humble, passionate, dedicated and diligent.

What would you consider the crowning achievement of your AirAsia ABL career to date? Why?

Desmond : It will have to be a game against KL Dragon in Season 2. We were losing by 20 plus points and we managed to close the gap, eventually we won the game.

Steven : I think that would be one of our warm up games before the start of the last ABL season. When we were playing against a PBA team, I scored 23 points and made history by becoming the first Singaporean to be the top scorer for the Singapore Slingers.

Sheng : That would be overcoming a 20+ point deficit to beat the KL dragons to clinch a crucial away victory late in the Season 2. Believing as one, fighting as one and being rewarded with a sweet victory… the feeling was surreal!

Who would you consider your biggest rival in the AirAsia ABL for Season 3?

Desmond : Malaysia because we are always friendly rivals with them in all kind of sports.

Steven  : That would be the Chang Thailand Slammers. We fought hard against them last season but lost to them in the end during the semi play-offs. Their local players play at a very high standard, making the team unstoppable.

Sheng : It will be the region’s powerhouse – The AirAsia Philippines Patriots.

What are you most looking forward to for season 3?

Desmond : To push my own limits and help the Singapore Slingers to emerge as champion.

Steven : The championship ring.

Sheng : To play my best and bring glory and honor to my team!

How do you think you will fare against the new teams?

Desmond : It is too early to predict but we will put up a good fight against them.

Steven : It is hard is hard to say right now. The answer shall be seen once we meet on the court.

Sheng : It’s too soon to say, but I know for sure that I will play as hard as I possibly can and give them a hell of a fight!