Basketball SEA games

ABL Stars Load Line-Ups in Men’s Basketball SEA Games 2017

The tournament for Men’s Basketball SEA Games 2017 will be tipping off on the 20th of August 2017 with a total of 9 participating nations: Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Laos.

Of the 108 players on the roster there are 43 players who have ABL experience and 21 players who played in the most recent season.

We caught up with some of the players from the past ABL season to see what was on their minds heading into the SEA Games 2017:

Bobby Ray Parks Jr. (Philippines, Alab Pilipinas)
Local MVP ABL 2016-2017

“I’m definitely looking forward to it. Whether it’s playing for Alab or Gilas, it’s still representing the country. Just to see those great talents out here in the Southeast Asian Games. It’s gonna be good. You’ve made friends, you’ve been competitors, it’s such a small world.”

“I know the first game is going to be against Thailand so I guess I’ll see Tyler [Lamb].” Parks said when asked who he might be looking forward to play against.

Tyler Lamb (Thailand, Hong Kong Eastern Long Lions)
Heritage Import MVP ABL 2016-2017

“Playing for the national team is different then playing for a club team because now I am representing more then just a club. Now I am representing a country, the people, and most importantly my family. Whether it’s a club team or national team, I’m always going to give my all. But this SEA Games in particular means a lot to me because it is my first time being called to join. I am very honored to be able to represent Thailand and help try to bring back the 1st Gold Medal ever.”

“I think it’s pretty cool to see other players in the ABL respresenting they’re countries. Personally, I now know how special it feels to have the opportunity to do so and it’s nice we can all experience this. Besides that, we are all competitors and I know they will bring their game with them to the SEA games and it should be fun.”

Ivan Yeo (Malaysia, Westports Malaysia Dragons)

“Playing in the ABL and national team is very different in a way that we have imports playing the main role to help us in abl, but for the national team we don’t. It’s not necessary a bad thing and I feel it allows us locals to prove our potential. Our coach keeps reminding us to ‘see ourselves as imports’ and fear no one.” 

“It feels exciting getting to play against them for sure,” Yeo says about the prospect of playing against other ABL players. “We might not get much opportunity to go head-to-head with each other in the ABL but in SEA Games, I think we have that chance.”

Stefan Nguyen Tuan Tu (Vietnam, Saigon Heat)

“Ever since I can remember, I’ve always followed SEA Games with my dad when I was younger through satellite TV and he always talked about how proud he would be the day I represent the national team but in soccer at that time.” Nguyen says of why playing in the SEA Games is a big deal for him. “Definitely because I know that my dad will watch every game from home.”

“Where we face off without any big imports to compete will be a fun experience for sure,” Nguyen says excitedly about the prospect of playing against other ABL players. “After been playing against almost all countries I know for sure there are strong locals in every team.”

“Mario Wuysang is, for sure one, of the guys,” Nguyen says about who he looks forward to playing against. “He paved the way for a lot heritages like myself to come back to the ASEAN region and play the game that we love. And it’s going to be the first time to play against him since Indonesia wasn’t in ABL [last season].”

Delvin Goh (Singapore, Singapore Slingers)

“Personally, I’ve been guarded by the [ABL] imports because I’m the ‘4’ man of Slingers,” Delvin says of how he feels about going up against ABL in the SEA Games. “It’s an advantage for me when we face other ABL players due to the fact that I’ve been facing the imports [in the ABL].”

“I don’t think I have a player that I’m looking forward to match up but rather to face anyone that comes at me and my team this SEA Games.”

Horace Nguyen Tam Phuc (Vietnam, Saigon Heat)

“First and foremost, it is definitey an honor to play for the Vietnam National Team. I’ve played on a lot of teams growing up but the National Team has to be the most special and my favorite. Playing alongside my brothers and representing the whole country is definitely a special feeling. I feel like when you play for the National Team, everyone understands what is at stake and the sense of pride that is involved to represent the country. It is a true feeling of being a brotherhood on and off the court. It is definitely different from the ABL, as the ABL involves players from around the world. But in the end its still a matter of pride and going out there representing your respective country!”

“Im very excited to go up against other players in the ABL that are on their national teams. Having played [against] them before on their ABL teams helps out with scouting reports. But these players may have different roles from their club teams so that is were it gets interesting!”

“I’m definitely looking forward to playing Indonesia and Singapore. I cant wait to go up against Mario Wuysang and Wei Long as these two guys are proven in the region, so I want to see where i stand.”

Kiefer Ravena (Philippines, Alab Pilipinas)

“I think the ABL has helped a lot of players in the region to be in high-level competition and that can help your national teams.”

“Tyler’s new with the SEA Games,” Ravena says of who he’s looking forward to compete against in SEA Games 2017. “Of course, I’ve stayed in touch with Mario (Wuysang). I think we’re the OGs! You know, we’ve been here since 2011.” 

Leon Kwek (Singapore, Singapore Slingers)

“Whenever you get the opportunity to have the country’s flag across the chest, its always a blessing. I guess the biggest difference is inclusion of an import which changes the dynamics of the team. We kind of learn to adjust to the different import’s play style. With the national team, its kind of working with guys that you have known for a long time so you kind of know where they will be.”

“It’s always fun going out there to compete with great competition, which ABL has helped me learn to compete at a high-level week after week. I am ready to go!”

“Probably Arki Wisnu,” Kwek says of who he is excited to play against. “I watched him play in the Finals during the SEABA Championship in May which he did lots of good work. It would be cool to play against him and see myself in film after the game looking for where I can improve on and get better. But definitely I respect everyone I play and always give my best no matter who I match up with.”